A relief – Thursday 16th August 2018

A relief

You cannot know what a relief it is to me that from tomorrow life will return to normal for a while. As you know, I have dementia or Canine Cognitive Dysfunction to give it the long name. I have good days and bad days. What I really need in life is total stability and to know where I am. Having our Mistress going away from me is very hard. Not only do I miss her, but it upsets my equilibrium. I’m very happy to say that from tomorrow I’ve got more than a couple of months where she won’t be away from me for more than a night or two at a time. She has also promised to work round me need for mealtimes and bedtimes to be the same time each day.

The downside

Of course, all good things are tinged with their own downsides. Because I get stressed when our Mistress is away from me I tend to lose weight. As a result I’ve been on an extra meal a day for the last couple of months to make sure I keep my weight up. I have to say given that I’m very partial to eating that has been the one plus point of it all. Now that is going to come to an end. Our Mistress has said that I can stay on three meals a day as that seems to suit me better but my meal size is being reduced. Of course on balance I’d rather have our Mistress at home and less food, but in my idea world I would have both.

Garden Produce

Of course, on the diet front I do have a bit of a plan. It’s that time of year when there are various fruits and vegetables available in the garden. I’m not as nimble as I used to be, so taking things out of troughs and off trees is not always as easy. However, my little puppy, Wilma is particularly good at things like that, so I’m thinking of setting her a few challenges. If she could start with the carrot trough I’d be very happy indeed. I know she can find a way.

Have a good day


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