It was her! – Sunday 19th August 2018

It was her!

It was her! You can tell by the guilty look. There is only one tree in the garden with eating apples. They are now quite sweet and a fair number are missing! Wilma likes apples. It didn’t take the detectives in the family long to work out who was responsible. Of course, she’s been so pleased to see our Mistress that she has been totally forgiven and the two of them are spending an awful lot of time having cuddles. To be fair, we all are. I’ve disturbed what our Mistress is doing every few minutes to check she’s quite sure that I can’t climb on her knee. She seems to think that 29kg makes me too big to be a lap dog. I said she just needs a bigger lap.

Thought Processes

I really don’t understand humans. Our Mistress says it’s logical but I don’t buy that. She’s trying to decide what car she is going to replace her current one with. She started by saying there was one particular car she really liked, then made a list of all the ones that fit our needs. When I say ‘our’ needs, in this instance I really mean it. She gives a lot of consideration to our comfort, especially as we do so many long journeys with us.

Anyway, one by one she has found a reason to eliminate every car on the list except the one she started by saying she liked. She could have cut out all that wasted effort by just saying she’d have that one whatever happened. Now she just has to find one that meets her very odd criteria. It’s not going to be a new one, so what she really needs to do is find someone who is as odd as her but is selling rather than buying! Good luck with that one.


When we are in kennels our teatime is earlier than when we are at home. It means we start reminding our Mistress to get our tea ready sooner than she is happy about. Alfie makes quite a lot of noise about it and does put the pressure on for us all, but you’d be amazed how hard our Mistress can be in trying to get back to times that suit things here. I think we’re just going to have to give in and accept that we’re back to five in the afternoon for tea.

Have a great Sunday


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