Looking ahead – Wednesday 22nd August 2018

Looking ahead

2009 our very first Fun Day

We’ve been looking ahead at dates for next year. I don’t mean the things that our Mistress wants to do, but the four of us. We’ve been looking at the dates for the Fun Days and events that we want to have with our family and friends in this country and there is one very important one to sort out. In June next year, our Club will be ten years old. The dogs who were present at our very important decision to form a Club were obviously me and Shadow, together with Eika, Guapo, Charley, Orson and Queenie and an Australian Shepherd called Raven. I’m not in touch with Raven if she’s still around, but Guapo and Charley have sadly since died. I’m guessing Eika won’t be around now either as she was older than I was.

Now I’d just love to think that the other four of us could all be around for the tenth birthday next year. The only original committee members still running the Club are our Master and Mistress. Thankfully a lot of other lovely people got involved over the years and the future is looking good.

Happy Memories

It brought back happy memories of the rivalry I felt with Guapo, me peeing on his human’s shoes at that first meeting. I wonder if he’s forgiven me by now. I was in big trouble for that one. The actual decision to start the Club was taken in the house down the road from here, where we first lived when we moved to the village. It all seems so very long ago now. Shadow was just a young puppy and ran rings around me.

Swimming Rings

Now Shadow just swims rings around me. It was our swimming lessons yesterday. She really is a natural. Once she’s in the water you should see her little legs go. I was feeling anxious and didn’t really want to be in the pool. Our Mistress did her best to encourage me and reminded me how much good it does me. I got extra food rations afterwards too, even though I’m on a diet, so it had compensations. I could even be persuaded to go more often if that were the case.


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