Check up – Thursday 23rd August 2018

Check up

I’m off to see our vet for a check up this morning. I’ve not been myself for a couple of weeks and now my eye is weepy and my breath smells so our Mistress wonders if I might have another tooth abscess. It seems to be that at my age one part after another stops functioning as it used to. You young things need to make the most of having all working parts. It’s so easy to take them for granted. Mind you, young Basil, has torn his cruciate ligament and now needs an operation. He’s one of Shadow’s children from her second litter, so a young brother to Ari. He’s nearly six, so he’s going to find all that sitting around very frustrating. At my age you’re ready to do nothing apart from sit around.

The meaning of dreams

Now I know our Mistress is worrying about the work going on at the village hall, but having weird dreams as a side effect is a little alarming. She woke up very suddenly thinking a shed had just been delivered when she’d only ordered a piece of wood and trying to work out how to send it back. It’s not as though you can wrap it in bubble wrap and take it to the post office, not when it’s a full blown 8’ x 6’ shed. She said it was a very nice shed but that really isn’t the point.

Glad to be a dog

Today is one of those days when the four of us are glad we’re dogs. It’s exam results day. At this point, whilst we all reminisce about our various training classes and exactly whose were the worst, at least our whole careers didn’t depend on them. Of course Shadow had to do some very important tests before she could have puppies and she was pretty stressed about those, so she had more sympathy with the whole process. I recounted the tale to Wilma of when her aunt Megan did her gold exam and bit our Mistress in the first exercise because she was excited. I know our Mistress was mortified, as well as bruised, but it taught her not to set her expectations of any of us too high. Let’s just hope that today goes better than that!


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