Today’s the day – Saturday 25th August 2018

That was my chew!

Today’s the day

Well today’s the day and before you ask, there are no teddy bears having picnics. At least, there are none that I know of and if there are any they have not invited me. No, today is the day that our Master comes home to see us all. Shadow is most excited, but then Shadow always gets excited and he is her human. I’m excited because I haven’t seen him since May. Wilma is excited… well, because she’s Wilma and our Mistress is excited so that always affects Wilma. Then there is Alfie. We’re waiting to see what happens with Alfie.


When our Master came home last time it took Alfie until the middle of the week to remember who he was, which was all a bit upsetting. It was then that our Master found that scratching Alfie’s bottom did the trick. So guess how our Master will be greeting Alfie later today. There is going to be a big bottom scratching session. Some dogs get all the luck. Anyway, when our Mistress picks him up from the station and brings him home we will all be ready as a welcome party ready to jump all over him. I do hope he’s ready and prepared.

Return of the mud

Our Mistress’s clothes have stayed relatively dry through the summer as it has been so dry. Now the mud is well and truly coming back and we have been very happy to share it with her. It’s odd, she’s been pleased to find some mud too. She has something to test for cleaning our paws and has been thwarted by them not getting dirty. Now things are looking a lot better on that front, although the washing pile seems to be increasing all the same. Share and share alike, that’s what I say!

Have a great Saturday


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