All Happy – Sunday 26th August 2018

All happy

Wilma waiting at the station

Well we’re all happy. Wilma went to the station to collect our Master yesterday. She was looking everywhere for where he was and then he came over the bridge and she got very excited. We all got excited when he got home. Alfie thoroughly enjoyed his extended bottom scratch. Shadow just went bananas and I showed my appreciation just as much as any of the others. It’s lovely to have our whole pack together in one place, even if it is for a short while.

Bassett Hound

Wilma said a Bassett Hound shouted abuse at her at the station. Our Mistress said that for once in her life Wilma didn’t ignore it and shouted back. Hers was more along the lines of ‘Come over here and say that and I’ll jump all over you in a friendly way.’ Thankfully she just doesn’t seem to do aggression. She just invites other dogs to play and they soon stop making such a fuss.

She said she really doesn’t like places as noisy and busy as the station anymore. She seems to have become more noise sensitive as she’s got older. Our Mistress says it is good for her to go to busy places to make sure she doesn’t stop coping with them. In truth, our Mistress doesn’t like busy and noisy places either, so that may be part of the problem.


Wilma and I are working on eating all the apples in the garden between us. Our Mistress thought it was all Wilma, but to be honest I’ve developed a bit of a taste for them now they are ripe. At least I only eat them. Wilma has been using them to play ball and is leaving them everywhere.

Our Master and Mistress are supposed to be having strawberries on the village green this afternoon, but I’m not sure how that is going to work out if it rains as it is forecast to. I’m rather hoping they might bring some strawberries back for me.

Have a great Sunday


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