Shaken not stirred – Monday 27th August 2018

Wilma waiting at the station

Shaken Not Stirred

As you do on a wet bank holiday weekend, the four of us sat discussing what alcoholic drinks would sum up our personalities if we were allowed to drink them. You might be able to guess from the title that we decided on Aristotle first of all. He is definitely a shaken not stirred Martini kind of a dog. You can see him playing the four legged equivalent of James Bond, suave, sophisticated and totally cool. Alfie, on the other paw we concluded would probably be a real ale drinker. Something a bit more solid and rugged.

Gin and Tonic

Shadow was much harder to decide on. Dad got involved and concluded she’d probably be a gin and tonic sort of girl. Ari argued that was much too trendy for his mother, which got him a growl. I think Shadow is more gin before it became trendy or maybe even a vodka drinker. Me, well that was easy. It’s nothing but the finest Champagne for me. Not only that, but I would definitely be expecting someone else to pay for it.

Back in the real world

We are loving having Dad home. Shadow and I have been making such a fuss of him. I get into bed with him or onto the settee and just snuggle right in. It’s going to be awful when he has to go again. He can’t possibly doubt how much his girls love him. Ari, as always, is more measured in his response. He’s really only ever got eyes for Mum. He is so totally devoted to her and doesn’t really need anyone else. The good thing has been that Alfie has been ok with Dad this time. The bottom scratching seems to have really done the trick and although Alfie isn’t going up for cuddles in the way we do, he is not moving away from Dad and worrying because he’s there.

Have a great Monday


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