Levelling up – Wednesday 29th August 2018

Taking things in my stride

Levelling up

Our Mistress is levelling up today. She’s had enough of calling them birthdays and making it sound like she’s getting old, so she has moved over the gaming terminology. When the kids are playing computer games it’s a good thing when they reach a new level and they’re proud of it. So today our Mistress is levelling up and is seeing it as a great achievement. The wrinkles are battle scars. Her replacement knuckle makes her bionic instead of decrepit. Anyway, happy levelling up to our Mistress and may she have many more levels ahead of her.

Waving goodbye

We’re all getting ready to wave goodbye to the old car. We’ve had some good times together and are all feeling a bit emotional about it all. I guess when you’ve travelled over 100,000 miles together you grow accustomed to each other’s creaks and groans. The seats are gently shaped to our nooks and crannies, we know where everything is. We know where our water bottle lives and where our bowls go. Our Mistress has promised that as far as possible she will put everything in exactly the same places in the new car, so we shouldn’t feel too disorientated.


One really exciting thing happened yesterday. Our new Club calendars for next year arrived. I had to check to make sure they are all ok and I’m pleased to say they are. I’m Mr November, which is very exciting. The pictures are the dogs who came first and second in each category of our Club’s photo competition. I was second with my entry, but that’s ok at least I get to appear. The others didn’t do so well, so although some of them have their pictures with the runners up, they don’t get a whole page to themselves. There are some really good photos that I wished I’d thought of trying for my entries. Maybe next year.


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  1. Hi Alfie, please send birthday wishes to your Mum from us all here is Sussex. Hope she has a lovely day and lots of extra treats. Love Dickens XXXXX

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