Friday flashback – Friday 31st August 2018

Friday Flashback

Oh here we go again, looking back. I couldn’t help think that nothing much changes when I read this from 2007

Squirrel Table

It’s official – they’re weird. Apart from the cow hide rug it seems my master has bought my mistress a table for her birthday. Not just any old table, although strictly speaking it is any ‘old’ table as the shop had had it for fifteen years and was selling it off. My mistress is now the proud owner of a table that she has called Nicole. Now if you have been reading my diary for a while the name Nicole may ring a bell with you. Nicole was the squirrel in my woodland stories. Well the table is a brass squirrel climbing up a (fake) piece of tree trunk to get to some brass acorns. It has a glass top so that you can see the squirrel properly. I didn’t understand the squirrel was brass at first, so I got under the glass to have a good sniff. It was only when I came out and gently said to my mistress “you do know it isn’t real” that she explained it wasn’t meant to be. An easy mistake to make on my part.

And I just loved thinking about Shadow being a puppy and being naughty back in 2009. Alfie is such a patient dog it’s hard to think he would have got fed up with Shadow. I read this to Mum and she still remembered that holiday in Scotland. Apparently it rained the whole time so it was no wonder Shadow was a bit bored.


We did have one mishap while on holiday. When I say mishap, that is in the sense of Shadow completely misbehaving. My Mistress wanted a lie in so after getting up to take us out she had gone back to bed. I didn’t think it was an issue and was more than happy to go back to bed myself. However, Shadow didn’t take it quite so well and wanted something to play with. I’ve told you before that she’s a bit of a bimbo of a dog and certainly not as far advanced educationally as you’d hope for at her age. She got a book down off the settee and all started well. We were on the first page and I was getting a bit fed up with her keeping asking what some of the words meant, but I put up with it. However, I dozed off and Shadow got frustrated that there was no one around to help her, so she ate the book. By the time my Mistress got up, there were bits of pages everywhere round the room. She’d only destroyed the back of the book, but there was some missing from every page. My Master is now trying to read the first three quarters of the book and having to guess the missing words.

Well that’s all for today. I’m not sure what we’ve got planned this end. We’re trying to make the most of our time with Dad before he goes back to Switzerland on Sunday.

Have a great Friday

Love Wilma

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