Cartoon – Saturday 1st September 2018


Our Mistress loves cartoons. I don’t mean the Tom and Jerry type of things. We like those, but that’s the wrong type of cartoon. She is a big fan of ones which sum the world up with a very simple sketch. She’s very excited as her birthday present from our Master has finally turned up and it is a very special cartoon that is very appropriate for all of us. There is a cartoonist called Peter Steiner who summed the anonymity of the internet up wonderfully and you could almost think he’d modelled it on the four of us. Now our Mistress will have it hanging on our office wall so we can all smile when we see it.

The silly thing is that you all know we’re dogs writing and we’ve never pretended to be anything else. But I guess there must be dogs out there pretending to be human.

Enjoying time with our Master

The girls do get the very best times with our Master. It was lovely and sunny yesterday and they went for a really nice walk and then sat on one of the village benches just watching the world go by. Our Mistress said it was funny because Wilma spent the whole time trying to inch further and further towards the pond. She really wanted to go in, but our Mistress said she’d had one wet dog wrapping themselves around her legs this week and she really didn’t want another. Oddly she was talking about me after swimming, but I would have thought she liked it when I wanted to get that close!

It’s going to be really odd when our Master goes away again tomorrow. We’ve all grown accustomed to him being around. The good thing is he’ll be home again in less than three weeks, so it won’t seem nearly as bad as it has over the summer.

Have a great Saturday

Love Aristotle

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