Sunday Blues – Sunday 2nd September 2018

Sunday blues

We’ve all got the Sunday blues. Our Mistress has to drive our Master to the airport today and we won’t see him for a couple of weeks. Normally, Wilma would go in the car with them, but our new crate is not arriving until tomorrow, so we’re all staying home when they leave. I think Shadow will feel it most. She has really enjoyed all the times she has been spending with our Master. It’s not so bad for me and Alfie. Our Mistress is our whole world and much as we love our Master we’ll both be just fine. Wilma will miss him of course, but she is quite a balanced dog and will make the most of every day even when he’s not here. She’s annoying that way.

On the bright side

These things always have a bright side as far as I can tell. Summer being well and truly over we can at least start to get back to some sort of routine and as a dog I appreciate that. I like to know when I will get walked and what time food will appear in my bowl. I like to be clear about my bedtime and when I will get a few extra scraps. It just helps things to run smoothly if things are much the same each day. Alfie is even worse than the rest of us. For him now, you’d think the world had come to an end if any of his routine is varied. I know it’s his dementia but even I think he might be going a little bit far at times. There are some mornings a dog just wants a lie in and not to have him kicking off in the kitchen because our Mistress stayed in bed one minute too long.

Well that’s all for now. Have a great Sunday. Now Alfie’s quiet, I’m going back to bed.

Love Aristotle

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