Where do I start? – Wednesday 5th September 2018

Where do I start?

Well, where do I start? Wilma and Shadow will not forgive me if I don’t start with their photo in the new crate. Shadow says jumping into the car now it’s a bit higher is difficult, but they do like the crate. Our Mistress said what was really funny was how much more Ari and Shadow sat up looking out of the window when they were on their way to swimming. It’s quite different to the old one so they said they were just sizing it up and getting used to it.

Vet visit

What was more important was that I was the first one of us to actually go in the car. I had to go in to visit the vet yesterday. I was reluctant too, even though I sit on the seat. I’m not used to it smelling so clean. It must be about the same height to get onto the seat as the old one, but I struggled. I think I might ask to try going in the crate so I can use the ramp to get up to it.

Anyway, no one seems to know what’s wrong with me. My salivary glands are swollen so it may all be related to that. I have a new lump in my throat too, but it is too small to be able to do a fine needle aspiration at the moment. We’ve got to keep an eye on that. The lump on my face seems to be a wart, so that is not the cause. Anyway, I’ve got to try some new anti-inflammatories to see if they help, but as I have to be off my old ones for 24 hours first I’m feeling a bit stiff at the moment.

Bronze cast

Well we’ve got as far as reading the instructions for how we make the mould of my paw. Apparently there might be some mess! Now we’re having a discussion about whether it is in the kitchen or outside. I’ve said that I’m prepared to do it outside as long as it is a fine sunny day, but otherwise I want to be indoors. Our Mistress has looked at the weather forecast and now needs to find someone who can help on a fine day. Anyway, she has to get a plastic container that doesn’t matter if it can’t be used again first too. Old clothes is the easy bit. That accounts for most of her wardrobe!



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