Swedpet Paw Cleaner – Thursday 6th September 2018

Shadow taking her paw cleaning very seriously

Swedpet Paw Cleaner

Ari ready to take the Swedpet paw cleaner out of the box

We have been testing the Swedpet Paw Cleaner to see what we think and here is our verdict.

To begin with we were concerned because, I don’t know about you, but all of us have quite ticklish paws. We thought that the Swedpet Paw Cleaner would tickle our paws when we used it, but I’m happy to say it didn’t. If I’m being strictly honest, I quite liked the feel of it massaging my paw although I have not been allowed to be the main tester. That privilege went to Shadow.

Keeping white bits white

As you know, we really like to keep our white fur as

Shadow taking her paw cleaning very seriously

white as possible. We’ll go to great lengths to do that and this little device will help. It only costs £14.99 so you can probably get it out of your own pocket money without needing your humans to get involved. It comes with a plastic cup and then a blue rubbery liner with lots of soft sticky out bits that clean your paw. You may need your human to help you use it. You put water inside and then in turn stick your paws in one at a time and turn the cup round so the bristles get all the dirt off. You can then tip

out the dirty water and get her human to towel dry your paw.


Swedpet are a Swedish company which is where the name comes from. Like many products from Sweden, like my favourite chair, the design is simple but effective. As it doesn’t take up much room it’s easy to carry in the car and we’ve always got water available so using it isn’t a problem. Our overall verdict is that it’s definitely worth trying. You will be happy to keep your white bits white after a walk, even if you walk straight through the mud and your humans will be

happy as you won’t make the car look like a mud bath.

You can find it to buy HERE



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