Friday flashback – Friday 14th September 2018

Friday Flashback

It’s Friday Flashback once again and it’s me, Wilma at the keyboard. I’m in trouble. It seems I have run into the utility too fast one too many times. Why is that a problem? I keep knocking the vacuum cleaner over and now it’s not very well. Apparently, if I make it any worse I’m going to be buying a new one out of my pocket money.  Anyway, less about my misdemeanours and let’s see what the others got up to on this day in previous years.

Anyway I looked right back to 2006 when Alfie was still a puppy and it turns out he might have ‘nibbled the mole man’!

An Intruder

I might have had a small nibble at the mole man as well. Not so as you would notice but if a strange man is going to let himself in through the back gate of my garden I am entitled to take a closer look. Or closer sniff, bounce, or nibble as I see fit. I didn’t do any real harm and it is good that he knows I live here and he visits on my terms and am I really to blame for just how exciting he smells?

Oh and then I found this from 2011, just before Shadow was about to give birth to Aristotle and his brothers and sisters.

Shadow unwell

Little Aristotle day 3

I should perhaps tell you that Shadow is not very well. She has a cold and swollen glands and had to have an antibiotic injection. She was feeling very low with waddling everywhere too. It’s nothing serious and she should be ok in a day or two. What the vet did say is that looking at how well advanced her pregnancy is, we should be prepared for her to give birth a little earlier than her due date of next Thursday. We have all been briefed as to what our roles are and basically mine is to help my Mistress stay calm, while Megan’s is to keep out of the way altogether. I just hope Shadow gets over her cold before she gives birth and hasn’t passed it on to any of us. My Mistress certainly won’t want us round the puppies if we aren’t well.

That’s all from me. I’m going to read ahead to find out all about when Ari was born. I’ll let you know what happened.

Have a great Friday


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