Like Dominoes – Tuesday 18th September 2018

Like Dominoes

We seem to be like dominoes. Now that Ari is getting better, Alfie has gone down with the same thing. Mum didn’t think it was a bug, she thought it was something Ari had eaten, but Alfie’s symptoms are exactly the same so it really isn’t looking good. Shadow and I have said if it’s all the same to the boys we really don’t want to catch it. It would stop me being able to go away at the weekend and that would not be good news. It’s so hard when you all live together though, as soon as one of you gets a bug, you all get it.

Mum has been round the garden with the hosepipe to try to wash away any traces of where the boys have been to the toilet. However, by this stage she is probably too late. Shadow really can’t afford to get any tummy problems after the summer she had.

Not quite as bad

So far, Alfie is not quite as bad as Aristotle was, so Mum is hoping he might get over it more quickly too. It’s more worrying for him though as it can mean he doesn’t have all the right medication in his system and then there are other problems. It also means Mum is going to have to sleep downstairs a bit longer, which she is not happy about. Oh she’s comfy down here, but all the spiders have started to come in for the winter and she even woke up to find one walking across her duvet the other night. She was not best pleased. From the number there have been, I’m sure they are specifically targeting her, but I don’t like to mention it.

On the bright side

Both of the boys have really enjoyed the special food Mum has given them while they’ve been ill. I guess on balance I’d rather stay well then get the food they are having, but I would quite like to try it to see what all the fuss is about.

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  1. Oh no. Poor Alfie. I hope he is feeling better soon. Sending him lots of cuddles. Hope you and Shadow don’t get it. Have a good day. xxxx

    • Thank you. Mum is being really strict with us about where we go in the garden. She says that she’s seen enough poo to last her a lifetime!

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