Friday Flashback – Friday 21st September 2018

Friday Flashback

It’s Friday Flashback again. Before I look back I need to tell you that Alfie seems to be improving. Mum says she will make a decision on whether he is well enough to go to kennels when she gets up in an hour or so. I do hope he can. Then we can go to Fun Day as planned. Oh I know it sounds mean of me, but I’m so excited about seeing my friends.

Anyway, Alfie had his first holiday to Nice, France in 2007

The Chateau

I was taken for a walk up to the Chateau. That is to say, I feel a little cheated. It may be called the Chateau but there isn’t actually a chateau there at all. It’s just a big hill with good lookout point, a children’s playground a few rather large cacti and an artificial waterfall that is like a curtain of water over the rock. Oh it’s nice, but when you are taken to a chateau you expect there to be a building. Maybe I take things too literally. I have done a tour of the local lampposts and have to report they are not dissimilar to lampposts in both Belgium and England. I have also had a nice walk down to the sea front, which was all a bit exciting because of the other dogs we kept meeting. It reminded me of the walks I go on from our home in Middlesbrough, except for the sea, and the sunshine and the people talking a foreign language. Although now I come to think of it I don’t usually understand people in Middlesbrough either.

In 2009 Alfie was being deep and philosophical

Best place to live

I was reading something about the world’s happiest city. If you are interested Rio de Janeiro came top. Anyway, my point is that they are probably looking in the wrong place altogether if they want to find people that live happily. If they were to look out in the countryside, where there are still village communities and space to have pets, then they may well find that people are happier than by simply living somewhere that has a carnival for the odd day or two in the year. We had a fun day. I’m sure that’s almost as good as Rio’s carnival! Perhaps I should conduct a whole new study from a dog’s point of view of where the happiest places are to live. It may of course depend on what breed of dog I was asking. Clearly a spoilt little Pekingese that sits on a velvet cushion in a city might think they couldn’t be happier. Having said that, my bet is firmly on the dogs that get plenty of chance to romp round and be outdoors all day, but who have home comforts to enjoy when they want to come inside.

Well that’s all for today. I’ll have to let you know tomorrow whether I’ve put my little suitcase in the car and set off or not.

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