Open Letter to Theresa May – Saturday 22nd September 2018

Open letter to Theresa May

Dear Theresa May

I don’t know if you are a football fan, but if you are this may help you to understand why clinging to your Chequers plan is fruitless.

A football team playing in a league can’t decide what the rules of the game are. It’s the league that makes the rules. If a player (or in this case whole team) opts to leave the pitch it can’t say to the league ‘We’ll carry on playing but only on our terms.’ If the team is going to play it has to play by the rules the league puts in place, otherwise it’s a bit like trying to play rugby when the other side is playing football. Like it or not you will get sent off for handball.

Just not cricket

Anyway, Theresa, if you don’t mind me calling you that, you might just want to step back a bit and realise that if you were allowed to call the shots then you’d have changed the game from football to rugby or maybe even basketball. And let’s face it, the goal is the wrong shape for either of those. If everyone else is going to carry on playing football then you (and therefore we) have a choice. We either carry on playing football, by the rules the league has set or we may as well face up to the fact that we’re going to be sent off the pitch altogether.

There’s really no point in trying the ‘It’s my ball and I’m not playing anymore’ approach. Not only is it not your ball, but it didn’t work in the playground to get you your own way and it isn’t working now.

I just thought it might help you to think about this whole thing a little differently!

Your humble servant

Alfie Dog

Leader of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party

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  1. Fabulous Alfie, it is such a shame some politicians do not appear to be able to grasp these concepts. I have heard it said that empty barrels make the most noise and from watching what goes on in Parliament, most in there are very noisy people indeed.

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