Getting better – Sunday 23 September 2018

Getting Better

Finally I seem to be getting better. I didn’t update you yesterday as I was too busy trying to put Theresa May right. Anyway, Friday when I’d hoped to be improving, I became much worse and had to go to the vet. Thankfully, our lovely vet pieced me back together. She gave me an anti-sickness injection and an antibiotic injection and it made a big difference. I’ve not been sick since and actually felt like eating again. Our Mistress knows things are really wrong when I’m off my food.

Peace and Quiet

Anyway, to give me lots of rest and to stop the girls catching it, the others all went off to kennels leaving just me and our Mistress at home. Wilma was absolutely furious. She’d been looking forward to a pamper weekend away with our Master and Mistress in a nice hotel and going to the Fun Day to see her friends. She wasn’t happy that not only was she missing out on her special weekend but she had to stay in kennels rather than at home here with my Mistress and me.

Special Time

Once I’d started to perk up a little and stop sleeping non-stop, I have to say having our Mistress all to myself was just lovely. We don’t get to do that very often anymore and I miss it. I did feel bad that she couldn’t spend the weekend with our Master but she told me that I will always come first and that felt pretty good to hear. At least she will see my Master again in just a couple of weeks. And for that matter it is not long until Wilma will see him, so I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad.

Getting odd things done

You would be amazed how our Mistress chose to spend the extra weekend she had at home that she wasn’t expecting. She couldn’t really go out for long as she was taking care of me. Instead she did things like washing all of Shadow. Ari and Wilma’s beds and taking a whole load of rubbish to the tip. Humans are strange creatures.

Have a great Sunday


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