Very very exciting – Monday 24th September 2018

Very very exciting

Oh it really is very very exciting. We’ve got a new toy to try out. When I say ‘toy’ it very much more than that. It’s a camera which means that Mum can watch us when she’s not here, but the best bit is she can talk to us through it and make it give us a treat. We’re all arguing over who is going to try it out and at the moment I think Shadow has convinced Mum that it’s her turn. Shadow to be fair never gets to do the product reviews, so she’s probably right. Oh, now I come to think of it, she did get the snuffle mat but that was actually a present which was bought for her, so I suppose that doesn’t count. I wonder if she’d let me have a go with the snuffle mat if she is trying the new device.

Write up on Thursday

Anyway, whether I get to try it or not, I think I’m going to be the one writing about it for you and Alfie has said I can do that on Thursday. I’m hoping once Shadow has done the testing that I will be allowed to have a go too. It sounds like my sort of thing. Mum says she will need to put it out of mine and Aristotle’s reach as she can see us trying to get it down to empty the treats out. I really don’t know where she gets ideas like that.

Alfie is better

Alfie yesterday

Alfie’s tummy is now completely better, which is great news. On the other paw, Dad has gone away again so we did rather miss out on seeing him. Mum is very sad about that, so I’m trying to give her extra licks to cheer her up. I said some long walks would probably help and was pleasantly surprised when she agreed. She said she’d take me somewhere different for a walk later in the week if I’m good, so I just need to see if I can manage that. I think she said we could go to some woods that she hasn’t been to for ages, which sounds really good to me.

Have a great Monday



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  1. So pleased to hear Alfie is better again. I went to the fun day but we had a bad journey and it took 3 hours so we arrived very late. It was nice to meet up with the other Entles. we took Dilys and she enjoyed walking with all the dogs. It was a shame the weather was bad so some people could not come. We got home OK. Not a lot in my diary this week but I think I am going training on Thursday. Love Dickens XXXXX

    • Oh I so missed seeing you Dickens. I’d been really looking forward to it. I know it was more important that Mum looked after Alfie, but I was still pretty fed up.

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