I love autumn – Saturday 29th September 2018

I love autumn

I love autumn. I’ve never really thought about it before. It’s taken me seven years to reach that conclusion. It was of course the season I was born in, so I do get to celebrate at this time of year every year. I love the colours of the leaves and being able to kick my paws through them as I walk along. I love watching Shadow chasing the leaves as they fall. It’s great watching the squirrel busily burying nuts in the vegetable troughs. And even better seeing how fed up our Mistress is watching her vegetables being dug up in the process. Then of course there is the real warmth in the sun, when it does come out and how much you appreciate it when it stays that way.

It’s how you look at things

Our Mistress prefers the spring days when there is the promise of longer days. To my way of looking at things, dark nights are great as the family are home more and spend longer sitting warm and snuggly where I can cuddle up. I don’t feel so guilty going back to bed in a morning when it’s still dark outside. Ok, so our Mistress doesn’t seem to spend so much time out in the garden and I do miss helping her, but if the choice is that or an indoor cuddle I always go for the latter anyway.

Taking things literally

Wilma likes finding somewhere really comfy too. She has taken the blanket on our Mistress’s bed literally. They had a bit of a disagreement when our Mistress wanted to get in too. Apparently it’s just the blanket that is supposed to be ‘Only for Dogs’ not the whole bed. Wilma said it should have been made clearer and she saw it as an invitation to get completely comfortable and stretch out. They came to a compromise. Wilma stayed where she was and our Mistress curled around her!

Have a great Saturday


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