Dog ramp – Saturday 6th October 2018

Dog Ramp

I have a dog ramp challenge for you. I jumped out of the car and I’ve hurt my leg. It’s my bad leg and our Mistress has been a bit worried as this car has further to jump down. She says she is going to have to be much more disciplined about using the ramp for me to get in and out. She always puts it out for me and Shadow to get in as we’re not as athletic as Wilma. However, we said we were happy jumping out without it. It turns out that was a bad call on our part. We’ve spent years being very careful that I don’t aggravate my elbow dysplasia so now our Mistress is really cross with herself for not insisting I should use the ramp.

Getting older

I’m going to rest it for a few days and take some anti-inflammatories. I think if I’m up to it she’s going to take me swimming on Tuesday too, so I can have some gentle exercise. It just serves as a reminder that I’m getting older and I’m going to have to be really careful with it if I’m going to avoid having to have it operated on at some point.

The Challenge

Anyway, to all you really clever people out there. Here’s the challenge. Our Mistress wants a ramp that is not as big and bulky as the one we have. Which weighs less but is just as strong. Not so light that it blows away on a windy day, but light enough that it’s not such a faff to lug about. She says with all the clever modern materials there must be a way to make a telescopic one out of something like carbon fibre. Then of course, the challenge is to make it at a price that people can afford to buy it. If you have a solution to that dog problem then please do let us know.

Have a great Saturday


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