Seagull or Pigeon – Tuesday 16th October 2018

Alfie looking good

Seagull or Pigeon

Our Mistress has concluded that there is a particularly unwell seagull or pigeon in the area. At least, if her car is anything to go by that’s the case! Somewhere in the area is a very large bird with a very upset stomach and it’s left the remains of its breakfast all over the bonnet of her car. Anyway, if it’s reading the diary, could it possibly come and do some clearing up as she really isn’t happy. Oh, and she says she hopes it is feeling better.


It is of course swimming day today. There is just one small problem. We all want to go. Aristotle is arguing he should take priority as he really needs to strengthen his leg. I think I should go because I don’t get out much and it would do me good. Shadow says it should be her as she’s the only one who actually loves swimming. We can’t decide amongst ourselves so we’ve told our Mistress she has to choose. I know that’s unfair and whichever gets left behind will sulk with her, but we’re dogs, we don’t sulk for long. I’m guessing it will be me and Aristotle but then we have to promise not to argue while we’re out, which is always a tough one.

Village Dogs

Our Mistress has been wondering whether I’ve reached the position of eldest dog in the village. Even if I have, I may not be the one who has lived here the longest as I was just over two when I moved here. Hector was around when I moved in, so I know he’s lived here long than me. It’s one of those odd thoughts you have as you’re aging. It’s one of those achievements you’re proud of as long as you can maintain your position!

Have a good Tuesday

Alfie aged 12 years, 11 months and 3 days.

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