It’s my back – Thursday 18th October 2018

It’s My Back

Thankfully it’s my back. I was having difficulty walking the last couple of days and really struggled swimming. Our Mistress was quite worried and I have to say I wasn’t exactly happy. Anyway, our lovely vet saw me yesterday and says I need a few days of complete rest. She thinks I’ve just tweaked something and it should settle down. Which is very good news at my age. She’s given me some extra painkillers to ease the discomfort. Our Mistress has agreed to sleep downstairs with me for the next few days so that I don’t have to go up and down too many stairs. I’m a lot happier now I know what it is and obviously very happy at the prospect it will get better.

Wrong About the Mud

Well I was wrong about the mud. At least potentially wrong. Summer has come back again and everywhere is starting to dry out again. I think everyone is happy about that except Wilma. It certainly cheers us all up when the sun comes out again. There are also more birds to watch on the bird table when it isn’t raining solidly. Very sensibly they take cover when it’s raining. I’ve suggested that we should build them a far better feeding station with protection from the wind and the rain, but even our Mistress thinks that might be going too far. However…

Trophy Hunters

Our Mistress does have a suggestion for how to deal with trophy hunters. She’s wondering if someone could make a large number of AK47s or whatever the best machine guns might be, in different sizes. Some would need to be quite small. Then she thinks we should both arm and train wildlife in how to defend themselves. You can see it now, a whole pack of militia squirrels out on a hunt for rogue humans. There might be a need to adapt how some of the weapons fire as whilst a chipmunk might get its paws round the trigger, a giraffe might find it more difficult.


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  1. Hope your back is better soon Alfie. You take it easy, put your paws up and enjoy being spoilt. Have a good day all of you. xxx

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