Ramp – Sunday 21st October 2018


I have some news about our ramp problems. Our Mistress has had an idea. A friend in the village is very good at all sorts of things and is actually building his own plane. Anyway, she asked him if he is working with carbon fibre and explained the problem of our ramp. She couldn’t show him completely as she didn’t have her car with her at the time. However, she’s going to take the car and show him the current ramp and see if it is possible to make a much lighter one, and hopefully one that Alfie could use to get up to his seat too. Of course, if it works you’ll all be wanting one but you have to start somewhere.

We like cuddles

We all like cuddles, but Wilma particularly likes to snuggle up when it’s bedtime. She doesn’t leave much room for our Mistress to object and likes to have her head very close to our Mistress, ideally on the pillow. It’s not so bad upstairs, but our Mistress is sleeping downstairs on a single bed at the moment, because of Alfie’s back and there really isn’t all that much room.

Grateful wildlife

When our Mistress went out to put food on the bird table yesterday, she was very touched to find they had left her a flower. She doesn’t know if it was one of the squirrels or a bird but she thought it was a lovely gesture on their part and it really made her smile. Of course it also made her point out that the four of us have never thought to do something like that. In Wilma’s defence, she dropped her toy elephant on the bed next to our Mistress only the other day. I’m sure it was a gift, although our Mistress did not seem all that grateful.

Have a great Sunday


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