Mother and Son – Wednesday 24th October 2018

Mother and Son

Well the mother and son duo went swimming yesterday. Our Mistress said it was quite funny. Shadow swam first and then had her shower and blow dry. She put her dressing gown on and was supposed to be sitting quietly by our Mistress’s feet. However, she was worried about her little boy in the pool and kept checking he was all right. Our Mistress was quite certain that if there had been any problem she would have been in like a shot to save him. Maternal instincts are funny things. Most of the time Shadow makes out she really doesn’t care for Aristotle’s company at all and yet, here she was keeping him under her constant watchful eye.

Of course, if Shadow had jumped in while still wearing her dressing gown it might have been Aristotle rescuing her!

Packing for their trip

Wilma and our Mistress will be setting off around lunchtime. As I write this they haven’t started packing. The case has not even been taken out of the spare room. Wilma says she is not planning on taking very much, but I’ve travelled with our Mistress. The later she packs the more she takes. She works on the basis that she can fill the whole car and then regrets how much she has to carry out of the car at the other end.

She does have the list of important things that our Master needs her to take, like baked beans and Walkers crisps. Of course she’s also got the steak from our local butcher and that’s the bit I’m really jealous about.


Our Mistress left all my tablets carefully sorted so I didn’t get confused on what I have to take when. It took her twenty minutes to get them all in order. That made me realise just how much medication I’m actually on. One of the painkillers is only a temporary thing. Once my back settles down and the inflammation in my knee has cleared up then I can at least come off that one! It’s surprising I don’t rattle.


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