Wilma’s Travels – Thursday 25th October 2018

Wilma’s Travels

We’re off. I’m so excited. It seems like simply ages since I’ve been to Switzerland and now I’m not my way. Yesterday all felt a bit weird, packing the car up and saying goodbye to the others. I think they’re all a bit fed up that they are missing out, but Mum says it would be too much work to take us all. I think we’d need a bigger car too if you saw all the things we’ve packed. We couldn’t start packing until Mum had been to the dentist, but fortunately she didn’t need anything doing.

What to pack

We have the oddest load in the car. Of course there are some steaks from the local butchers and we’re all looking forward to those. There are also tins of peaches and pears and baked beans and Dad’s favourite crisps. I did check that Mum put my food in, that was the most important as far as I was concerned. Anyway, every corner of the car seems to have been filled but it won’t be so bad on the way back. We’ll be leaving the peaches and pears, I don’t need those.

Sitting in the back

Mum did ask if I’d like to sit up front with her, but I get more freedom in the back. I sit up and check that Mum’s ok every so often and spend some of the time looking out of the window, but I can lie down comfortably in the back too.

We drove as far as my grandparents yesterday. It was lovely to see them. Mum sorted some computer problems for them and I tried to help. Now we’re ready to set off on the next stage of the journey. We’re leaving quite early so we can do as much of the journey in the light as possible. That’s far better for me as it means I can see more of what is going on.

Have a lovely Thursday


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