Sunny Day – Friday 26th October 2018

Sunny Day

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day and we saw it all. We set off from my grandparents just before the sun got up. It was starting its early morning stretches as we got onto the motorway. It’s much nicer motoring on a sunny day. We stopped at a service station and sat and had our breakfast in the sunshine. It was a bit chilly but it was still a nice thing to do and Mum was really relaxed which was nice. The traffic was quite heavy, but not as bad as yesterday. Yesterday she thought we’d seen just about every car registered in England.


We got to Folkestone Eurotunnel in time for lunch. It’s a great way to travel for a dog. I had a run around with some other dogs in the exercise area and played on the agility things there. Then I had the obligatory picture with my half-brother Salvo – well his picture anyway. We had lunch in the sunshine too and then went to board our train. We were early and were put on an early crossing, except it was delayed so we ended up about evens.

Well done Eurotunnel

One thing I must tell you is that the policy that Eurotunnel introduced during the hot weather last year is now permanent. Well behaved dogs can now go into part of the terminal with their humans. There are still some areas we can’t go in, but well done Eurotunnel for making it so much better for the travelling dog. On behalf of my four-legged friends I’d just like to say how grateful we are that we can do that.


The roads in France are just so much quieter as long as you don’t mind paying the tolls. The good news was that the sun was still shining and we got to our hotel just before it got dark. That means we’re over half way to seeing Dad and I’m really starting to get excited now.



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