Snow – Monday 29th October 2018


I played in the snow. We didn’t go to Liechtenstein. Mum still wasn’t very well so didn’t want to be in the car too long. She really found a way to cheer me up though by taking me up to our favourite hill to find some snow. The snow didn’t come down quite as far as our house. We could see it on the field opposite the house a little higher up. She called up the webcams at the Raten Pass to check there was some up there and then took me up to have a run and play in it. Oh, I was made for the mountains. I was just so very happy. I bounced, I stuck my nose deep in it. I ate it. Oh, it was delicious and wonderful. She told me to make the most of it as the forecast is for the rest of the week to be warmer.

Cosy at home

When we came back I put my dressing gown on so that I completely dried out and we all snuggled up. I’m being so totally spoiled here with having Mum and Dad all to myself. I have to say I’m doing my best to make the most of it. Last night, I snuggled right down under the covers between them in bed. I love it. I do miss the others, but it’s nice to have this special time.

Lake walk

Today we’re going down to Unterägeri to walk by the lake with one of my friends there, or maybe two if Falk is up to it. It will be nice to get a walk in first as Mum is having a working day after that and I have to be good. It’s ok, because I can sit by the window and look out for Timmy the cat next door. I’ve been trying to find him to say hello, but he’s not been sitting outside so much with it being cold.

Have a lovely Monday



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