Woodland Walk – Tuesday 30th October 2018

Woodland walk

We had a woodland walk yesterday instead of the lakeside one I thought I was having. It was wonderful. Mum really liked it too and has marked the place on her car’s map so she can find it again. There are different length walks we can do and they are all marked so we can’t get lost. I wouldn’t get lost, it’s Mum who has the problem. You know what humans are like! It was so funny when we set off as Megan (not our Megan but the first one) ran off following a scent and didn’t come back. We had to stand and wait for her for ages. I felt better that for once it wasn’t me being naughty and getting into trouble.

Falk vom Kornried

Falk was there too. He’s the father of Shadow’s ‘C’ litter. He’s twelve years old now and really lovely. He is so gentle and dignified. He reminds me of Alfie on his good days. Mum has a very soft spot for Falk and was thrilled to see him. He is doing very well and still able to complete an hour’s walk without really holding the rest of us up.

We had to go to the supermarket after that. I only go to the car park, but I’m getting to know it pretty well. Mum is starting to be a little less flustered by all the strangeness and is almost organised. She left the bags in the car and had to come back for them, but apart from that I think she did ok.


The afternoon was really wet so we curled up together and had a nap. Mum’s head is still bad so she was happy to have a nap with me and I certainly wasn’t going to complain. It does mean she’s not getting a lot of work done, but she’s ok with that as had planned to take most of the week off anyway. Dad was away for work last night so it was just the two of us. It did mean I could have a whole side of the bed to myself, but I missed him all the same.

Today I should be going for a walk with my sister and later have a very important job to do. We are collecting Alfie’s girlfriend’s humans from the airport. They are staying for a week so I get extra playmates which is so exciting. We’ve got lots of things planned but I’ll tell you about them as we do them.

Have a great Tuesday



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