Choices choices – Wednesday 31st October 2018


Oh choices choices. When I first went out yesterday morning the decision I had to make was just too difficult. Should I chase next door’s cat, who was sauntering past the door, or play in the newly falling snow? I’m a mountain dog – such a conflict. The dog part wanted to chase the cat. The mountain part was being called by the snow. Sadly, Mum determined the answer in no uncertain terms. She told me to get on with going to the toilet as she had no desire to do either and wanted to go back inside.

Stick and Snow

My walk was just the best ever. Oh I know I say that about every walk, but Mama, Valeria and I went up to the Raten Pass and played in the snow. Mama and Valeria found the biggest stick. It was big enough for me to be able to hold as well as them. Valeria doesn’t usually let me hold the stick at all so it was a very special moment when she let me. When she got fed up with me being there I just broke a piece off and ran off with it. Oh we ran and ran and it was wonderful. Mum thought it was great because the snow was falling very gently and she thought it was lovely.


In the afternoon we had to drive to the airport to collect Bella’s humans. Because we had to drive past Zurich and Mum didn’t really know where she had to go, we went quite early and then went for a walk when we got there. It meant me having tea in a car park, but I don’t mind that once in a while. To be honest I mind that much less then when Mum forgets to take my food!

However, the drive though Zurich was far worse than Mum had feared and she swore quite a lot. Then our friends had missed their plane through no fault of their own, so they had to catch a later one. It meant waiting at the airport for quite a long time. I’m not very keen on traffic, so Mum didn’t really know what to do with me for the best. We coped however and got home to bed eventually.



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  1. So she “swore quite a lot” driving through Zurich, did she. Ha! That happens to many others as well. Zurich is not a town to drive through – its one to explore and conquer by walking. Ok, ok, I know that’s true for most cities – I just wanted to recommend a visit on foot. It’s been some time since we were there, but maybe we could join you some time for some mutual finding nice places and vistas etc. Our Mum’s a very good guide, knowing lots of interesting places.

    • Oh that sounds fun – but I do prefer being in the woods and on the mountains to being in cities.

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