Modelling – Friday 2nd November 2018


I tried my paw at modelling yesterday. There were two lots of photos that Mum and Dad were trying to do. Mum had this idea that she could do a Christmas card with me in the snow, but there isn’t enough snow so we found some pretend snow to use. Then there is a picture we need for our Club but although I looked good we didn’t get that picture quite right either. I did have lots of fun trying it. I really enjoyed trying to get it right and wonder if I could get a job as a model for other work. I’m sure my rates of pay are not as high as some of the other supermodels so we could make it work for all of us. I’m open to offers.


In the morning, I met a dog called Ruff who used to live in England and we had a lovely walk along by a river. We played quite a bit, but then I sat with Mum while the others were down playing in the river part. I would have gone in, but Mum said she didn’t want to walk down the steep bank to the river part. Dad went down and was having a lovely time playing in the pools of water.  We also walked near the lake he lives near and by a marina. The most exciting bit was that there is an ice rink being built and a circus and stalls. It looks like winter here might by a whole lot of fun.


I tried my paw at geocaching yesterday. I think it could be lots of fun, but it’s quite hard to do as a dog. We find it easier to sniff things out rather than just look for them. One of the ones we found was in a tree, too high for me to reach. The other was under a seat and was really very small. Dad says he might start having a go while we’re not here, which would at least mean he’d go out for walks when I’m not there to take him.


We are going for another walk with Mama today. My sister Valeria can’t come as she has come into season. My friends Falk and Megan are coming too so it’s a real shame for Valeria that she’s going to miss out. I might get chance to try some more modelling today if the weather is good.



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