Above the Clouds – Tuesday 6th November 2018

Above the clouds

Our house was above the clouds yesterday. It was so funny. In the morning it was a beautiful day and we made our plans accordingly. Then Mum had to take me to the vet for my passport to be stamped for my trip back to England and when we got to the vet’s it was foggy where they were because they were in the cloud. We did still go to Zug anyway, but there was no view across the lake as we were hoping for. Mum says this is where the webcams really come in handy. It was a change to walk round a city and we did all enjoy it. There are some very pretty buildings in the old part of the town and a fountain on the lake that we couldn’t see against the fogs when we looked from some angles.

Saying goodbye

Our friends went home yesterday so we took them to the station to get the train to the airport. Mum managed to ask for the train tickets in German so she felt quite pleased with herself. Then we went home to do all the cleaning before we leave today. I didn’t help all that much with the cleaning, but Mum worked quite hard. Then we got to part way through the afternoon and Mum had a much better idea.

Raten Pass

Wilma at the Raten Pass above the clouds
Wilma at the Raten Pass

We went up the mountain instead of finishing the housework. We both totally love it up there. Mum took lots of pictures again, but I wasn’t being very cooperative. I just felt full of the joys of spring even though it’s November. Would you believe it was actually 16 degrees? It was amazing and so very beautiful. There was manure on the meadow, which just made it all perfect. I don’t think Mum thought the manure was quite so good, particularly when she sat on the ground to take my photos.

Now we have to put everything in the car and head back to England, but we really don’t want to go.



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