Service Stations – Wednesday 7th November 2018

Service Stations

We get to see so many service stations when we travel. They are all so different both from a dog and a human perspective. It isn’t often we find ones we both like. Some are much too busy for me and don’t have enough grass and places to walk away from the cars. Mum hates the ones that aren’t so clean and where she says she can smell the toilets long before she can see where they are.

There is one we both agree on in France and that is Haute Konigsberg. We always try to stop there. There is lots of room to walk around and fields around the perimeter too. We often see storks in the car park, which is fun. Yesterday we didn’t really see much as it was very foggy and only 7 degrees. Mum had left our home in Switzerland in just a tee shirt as it was another lovely sunny day. She was also hot from going up and down stairs to load the car. When she got out of the car she had to put on both her sweatshirt and a coat! We didn’t stay there too long as it was so cold.

Quiet roads

Tuesday’s are good to travel on as the roads are quieter. Mum says she gets less tired and it means the journey doesn’t take too long. The crate I’ve got in the new car is different somehow, although I can’t say exactly why. Anyway, I spend much more time sitting up and looking out of the window. Mum likes it as she can see my head in the rear-view mirror and talks to me sometimes. We listen to lots of audio books too. We started on A Christmas Gift by Sue Moorcroft yesterday. It really is very good and we’re both enjoying it very much. Mum says we should be able to finish it by the time we get home today, which is great as it means I don’t miss any of it. I’m going to meet the author of the book soon, which is really exciting.

Homeward bound

Now we have to do the last leg of the journey and go back to the English end of life. It’s all weird really, but it will be nice to see the others when we get back.



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