Thank you – Wednesday 14th November 2018

Alfie yesterday

Thank you

Well I really have to start by saying thank you. I was utterly overwhelmed by all my birthday messages and wishes yesterday. I feel a very humble dog in the face of so much affection from you all. Thank you. In amongst all the greetings was one very special one. It was from the humans who my dear sister Emma lived with until she died. She was my

My sister Esther aged 13

favourite sibling. I think she was the one most like me and I still think of her often. I was also delighted to hear from Esther, to say that she is well and Ebbe was celebrating her thirteenth birthday too, but we were waiting for more news from her. As you can see from the picture, Esther really is a very beautiful old lady. She looks so gentle, I wonder if she’d like me any more now than she used to.


I was thoroughly spoiled. Mum went to our local butcher, who she thinks is the best you could find anywhere. She came home with a special birthday steak for the four of us to share. I didn’t like to point out the injustice that she was planning to eat one all on her own. It would have seemed ungrateful. It really was very very nice, but I’d have liked there to be more.

Shadow swimming

Shadow was sulking when she came home from swimming. Our Mistress and the lovely lady who swims with her were teasing her and she didn’t think it was fair. She’s so easy to wind up. The lady kept pretending to throw the toy, so Shadow kept trying to grab it and then it was held just out of her reach. I suppose it serves her right for being so constantly keen. I’d have just ignored the toy in the first place and Ari would have just told them where to stick it the first time they teased him. It’s just too much fun to wind Shadow up.

Blood test

Wilma went for her blood test for her rabies vaccination yesterday. It took three of them to hold her to get blood. To say she wasn’t keen is an understatement. Unfortunately we’ve also concluded that Shadow needs to do all hers again. Although she does have it all, it was before her chip failed so is in her old passport. She has all the paperwork to prove it all, but it could get very complicated to explain. She will be starting the process in a couple of weeks as she’s not travelling quite so soon as Wilma.

Anyway, that’s all for now



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