Common – Thursday 15th November 2018

Happy birthday, Alfie
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I’m common. Ok, not in the sense of there being more than one of me. Obviously, I’m unique. Nor am I a common type of dog. As you know when I moved to England there were only ten of my breed here. Fair enough, there are over a hundred now, but that still doesn’t make me common. It’s a name thing. Again, not Einstein van de Tiendenschuur, my mother at least gave me a unique name. It’s Alfie! Alfie it turns out is the most common name for a dog. Gone are Rex and Spot. The top names in order are Alfie, Charlie and Max. Now obviously, I could take it as a compliment and assume all the young Alfie’s have been named after me, but that might be a little presumptuous.

(all the details of the survey are below)

It gets worse

The whole things gets worse when you realise that the most common names for girls are Bella, Poppy and Lola. What is my girlfriend’s name? Bella. That makes us a very common couple of dogs. The others are giving me some stick. None of Shadow, Aristotle or Wilma appear in the top ten most common names. I think the world is a poorer place for that. You can never get enough Wilma’s. Mind you, one Aristotle goes a very long way!


Dear people of Honnigsvåg, we’re very sorry to note you are already down to less than three hours a day of daylight. That really can’t be much fun. Can I suggest you either light a log fire and curl up in front of it for the next few months with a dog and a good book, or head south until things get better. We still have eight and a half hours if it helps and in Switzerland it’s still more than nine and a quarter. Just a thought. PS – you’re forecast to have rather more snow than us over the next couple of weeks too.



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