Stairs – Tuesday 20th November 2018


I’m not sold on my stairs yet. To be fair, it’s early days. I am having a better dementia day today so our Mistress says she’ll spend some more time with me getting used to them. To be honest, I’m at that age where I don’t really like anything different. On the other paw, I am easily bribed. I still very much like eating. Our Mistress has been turning that to advantage by enticing me to use the steps by laying a trail of food. I have asked her to upgrade the offer to my favourite biscuits on the basis that that will make the whole process much easier.


You see the thing is, the steps are not flat. Oh I can see they are clever, as they go up higher without needing so many actual steps. The surface of each one slopes and at the moment I’m not used to that. It’s sort of a cross between a ramp and steps. I did go up them eventually, after a few false starts. However, as yet I’m not convinced about the coming down. We’re going to work on that one. Wilma very kindly showed me how to do it, but then wouldn’t actually get out of the way for me to try as she wanted the treats. At my age, it’s all about familiarity. Once something seems normal you wonder how you ever worried about it. Our Mistress has reassured me we can get to that point, but I think it might take an awful lot of biscuits.


Our Mistress got very excited yesterday when she looked on the webcam for our mountain in Switzerland and saw it now has a light dusting of snow on it. There are a couple of warmer days forecast, so it could still disappear for a while, but it doesn’t look that likely. Wilma is positively bouncing with excitement at the prospect of it all.


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