Nurse Wilma – Thursday 22nd November 2018

Nurse Wilma

Nurse Wilma is at it again. If anyone is ill she sees it as her duty to look after them and it really is lovely. Our Mistress is full of cold and couldn’t breathe properly in the night. In an instant, Wilma was by her side, checking her vital signs and then acting as a hot water bottle to keep her warm. She is so gentle about it, that although it can be a bit of surprise to find a dog staring into your eyes and sniffing and nuzzling, you can’t help but end up smiling. I know some of you will be cynical and say she saw the opportunity for some attention, but she does it very differently to those times. There’s no pushing or insisting you move your hand to where she wants it. She really is a wonderfully caring dog.

Vet Check

Now of course, I know you’ll all have been wondering how my anal glands are. Well, I’m delighted to tell you they are at last on the mend. I do have some new antibiotics to try to finally shake off the infection, but we’re going in the right direction and my vet visit did not hurt as much as last week. The vet wants to see me again for a check next week, but I’m hoping to be given the all clear that time. I have had a few forgetful days, but nothing our Mistress can’t manage. I did forget I’d already seen the vet within two minutes of coming out of the surgery and was queueing to go back in. Then I forgot where our Mistress had parked the car outside. Given there are only six parking spaces that gives you the general picture.

Learning German

Our Master says he’s struggling with his learning German. The real problems are firstly that he isn’t using it all the time and secondly they don’t actually speak the German he is learning where we live in Switzerland. There they speak Swiss-German and some of it is very different. When we were in Belgium we had much the same problem as the language they learned was Dutch and the language spoken was Flemish. It’s their own fault, they will keep moving to places that speak variants of a language. It’s bad enough here in Yorkshire trying to understand the local variation of English! At least, that’s my excuse when I want to pretend I haven’t understood.

Have a great Thursday


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