Friday Flashback – Friday 23rd November 2018

Friday Flashback

It’s Friday Flashback time again. It’s one of those times of year that has so often been about puppies in this house. First there was 2011 when Ari was born. It was one of the first diary entries Ari actually got to write himself:



I just love Wednesday as I get to do something really exciting by covering the diary for Alfie. I met ‘Brian the postman’ yesterday. He’s fantastic and a great friend of the others so it was a pleasure to be taken to the door so I could have my first introduction. He wanted to take me home, which was lovely. It would have been quite fun to have a ride in the van, but I’d need to know I was coming back again.

Then there was the following year when Shadow’s second litter were in the house!

Roll Bars in the Whelping Box

My Mistress is uncertain how long to leave the roll bars in place. The problem is that at a certain point they can become more of a danger than a help. If yesterday is anything to go by they can also lead to some very funny situations. One of the puppies went to sleep yesterday around a roll bar and grew so much that he then struggled to get out and had to call for

Mother and Child

help. Coming back out the way you went in, while good advice normally doesn’t really allow for just how much a puppies shape and size can change in an hour or two after a good meal.

Then finally there was Mum preparing for the arrival of the third litter, which was still more than a month away from being born in 2013

Nesting Instinct

It’s the nesting instinct. The need to tidy everything up and prepare for the arrival of the young. Except it isn’t Shadow who is having those urges it is my Mistress. All of a sudden she wants to clean out cupboards and sort things out. She says when the puppies arrive she won’t have time, but my point was that she didn’t need to do it in the first place so not having time is irrelevant. I can see that she needs to clear some space in the office as that is where the pen will go when they are three weeks old, but that doesn’t explain why she is suddenly throwing out houseplants that she can’t be bothered to water. I guess it’s a woman thing and I don’t suppose she could explain it rationally if I asked her. She’s even threatening to clear out the loft and the puppies never go anywhere near that!

I think I’d better stop there. It’s making me broody, which really can’t be a good thing.

Have a great Friday



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