Why me? – Saturday 24th November 2018

Why me?

Why me? That’s what I want to know. Usually when we come to kennels I have to share with my mother and I have to say that is bad enough. We tend to have an agreed stand off, where we keep ourselves to our own parts of the kennel. If I share with Alfie we’re much the same. This weekend I’m sharing with Wilma! I’m not going to get any peace and quiet at all. Wilma thinks it’s a great wheeze. She loves her stays in kennels because she doesn’t come in very often. She sees it as a big time to play and loves seeing all the other dogs. I enjoy the peace and quiet. These two are not compatible.

Shadow and Alfie

It’s all my mother’s fault. She has taken to wanting to spend her time with Alfie and he’s got sort of used to her being around. Now our Mistress thinks he’ll be less confused if he carries on sharing with her while we’re here. It’s only for a day or so, but it’s going to drive me bonkers having to share with Wilma. I just know we’re going to end up getting carried away and damaging one of the beds. Then we will be in trouble. It always happens that way. I start off intending to be good. Then Wilma comes along with a new idea for a game and we get carried away.

Seeing our Master

The exciting thing is that when we go home tomorrow our Master will be there. Of course, that presumes he catches his plane ok today. He wasn’t very well yesterday and was confined to bed. It’s a bit hard to fly with an upset tummy so I do hope he’s feeling better. I can’t wait to see him. Thinking about it, I’m probably glad I’m not sharing with Shadow today. She is going bonkers with excitement about the prospect of seeing him. Alfie is welcome to her!

Have a great Saturday


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