Sign of the times – Sunday 25th November 2018

Sign of the Times

Alfie says it’s a sign of the times. Yesterday on her book stall, what was our Mistress’s best selling book? Well to be fair there were two which were equal on sales. One was her novel New York Orphan, but the other was Alfie’s Pet Dogs Democratic Party Manifesto. Alfie says it’s all because of Brexit and people becoming more aware of politics. He says he’s too old to stand for parliament now, but suggested I might like to think about it. I’d never thought that he might ever consider me taking over as leader of his political party. You can see it now, the Philosophy of Aristotle meets the Politics of Alfie. We could be a very powerful force to be reckoned with. Don’t worry if you couldn’t make the sale yesterday and still want to read it, you can always get a copy of your own by following the link HERE.

Getting Excited

We’re all getting excited about seeing our Master this afternoon. I do hope he knows what he’s in for, with four excited dogs ready to jump all over him. Our Mistress has said we need to greet him in an orderly fashion, but where’s the fun in that? We are exuberant by nature. Some more than others. Wilma is at the very exuberant end of the spectrum. Alfie is at the calmer end. Shadow is a whirlwind on legs and then there’s me. I’m more bear like than the girls and will just gently wrap my paws around him and hug him.

Christmas decorations

I should just warn you, our Mistress has already started to put up the Christmas decorations. She was not content with wearing Christmas jumpers in November, but has moved into full-scale turn the house into a grotto mode. And there was me, naively believing her when she said she was not going to bother this year!

Have a great Sunday


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