Christmas – Wednesday 28th November 2018


It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas around here. If it is dry today the tree will be appearing. It’s not one of those magical things that arrives in a puff of smoke. It will need our Mistress to go to buy it. Why does she need good weather? Well, our dog crate weighs around 25kg. She finds it difficult to put it into the boot and take it out on her own. That makes it hard to get the Christmas tree into her car, unless she buys a smaller tree, which is never going to happen. To fit in our hall it has to be as tall as our Mistress with her hand in the air. I kid you not, that is the exact measurement we need.

Why fine weather?

Anyway, her solution to the car problem is why we need good weather. She plans to take my little car and have the roof down. Then the tree will come home as her passenger. Fortunately it’s only about five miles on country lanes to get to the Christmas tree place, so she will just about manage it. Then the fun will really begin. That’s when I will have to hold the tree while she tightens the base that holds it. I did say this whole process would be easier if she did it while our Master was available to help, but it seems that won’t be the case. If you bear in mind she is also allergic to pine resin you really might wonder why she is having a real one at all!


I have a trip to the V.E.T. this morning. I’m hoping it is just to sign me off from my infected anal glands as they really do feel a lot better and I don’t want to be prodded anymore. However, now our Mistress wants them to look at one of my lumps, which doesn’t seem quite as fatty as the other ones do. It’s more lumpy than fatty! I’m sure our vet will say it’s just a different type of fatty lump but our Mistress seems to think we should check. It’s all right for her, she won’t be the one the needle is being stuck in.


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