Ready for Christmas – Saturday 1st December 2018

Ready for Christmas

Well that’s me ready for Christmas. I’ve hung up mystocking for Santa Paws and I’ve helped put all the decorations up. Now I’m packing my little bag and getting ready to visit Mama for a few days. I so want it to be snowy when I get there. Everything will seem really lovely and Christmassy if it is. Oh I know it’s going to be fun going to all the Christmas markets. The worst bit is that they don’t let me try the Mulled Wine. It smells so good, even to a dog. On that note, Mum has been really mean. There are some pine cones in a basket in the lounge. They smell of orange and cinnamon and I’m not allowed to run off with any of them, not even one!

Kicking my paws

This morning I’m rather kicking my paws. Mum has a very important meeting to go to and I’m not allowed to go with her. I said I could sit in the car, but she doesn’t want any distractions at all, not even me! She has promised to come home as soon as she can and then I think, apart from packing, we’re going for a long walk before the travelling days begin.

Shadow is quite athletic

It turns out for a dog who is nearly ten, Shadow is quite athletic. Mum is well aware that if I’m around then she can’t leave food on the work surface in the kitchen as I can easily jump up there. She trusts Shadow though, as much as anything because she is shorter and is not as agile. I should reword that. She trusted Shadow. Past tense. Mum had made herself a salad and left it on a plate near the edge of the counter. She only left the room for a minute, but came back to find Shadow still munching with a piece of tomato hanging out of her mouth. Way to go Shadow! I was impressed, even if Mum wasn’t.



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