Mud – Monday 3rd December 2018


Oh there was mud! Mainly there was mud on the Labradoodle who decided to greet Mum enthusiastically. Then there was mud on Mum too. She’d put clean jeans on and given me a lecture about not jumping up. You can imagine how happy she was and for that matter how much I laughed. It was quite a warm day, even though it was damp, drizzly and miserable. Almost every dog we met wanted to play. It was such a lovely atmosphere. I’d like to go there more often as it was such a perfect walk. There are two car parks, one at the top of the hill and one at the bottom. We parked at the bottom and started with the uphill walk.

Circular route

It’s a circular walk right round the beacon, so I was a bit surprised when Mum said she thought we were lost. Anyway, it turned out she was just confused, which is far better than being lost. We stopped for me to have the obligatory photo opportunity at the top. It really was quite blowy and my ears kept going inside out. Then we went to my grandparents and I sat in the car and was absolutely fine.

Memory Lane

In the afternoon Mum took me to check into our hotel. It was so funny. First of all she couldn’t get into the car park so had to park on the road. It didn’t matter for a short while. Then she went in, carrying loads of baggage and found herself in the middle of a Christmas Market. She had an awful job getting through the crowd of people to check in and said she was pleased she hadn’t taken me on the first trip.

After that we went for another walk along a bridleway that Mum used to walk round about forty years ago. I had to cope with the whole ‘When I was a child…’ thing. Boy can older people be tedious. We’d already done the ‘That’s where I went to school’ thing, which as she’d only shown me a couple of weeks ago felt just a tad repetitive.



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