Family Day – Friday 7th December 2018

Family Day

I had a family day yesterday and it was lovely. I am not really a city girl at heart so given the choice between a day with Mama and Valeria or going to Zurich it was a very easy choice. I spent a very happy day back at the home I was born in and left Mum and her friend to it. I was pleased to see her at the end of the day, but it was definitely the right choice for me. In the meantime one of Mama’s humans was showing Mum round Zurich.

Father Christmas

Whether you call him Sinatklaus, Sintachlaus, Santa Claus, Father Christmas or anything else, you still don’t expect to find him driving a tram full of children who are being looked after by an angel. Adults aren’t allowed on board. I don’t think dogs were allowed either.


Now of course, if you know Mum, you may not be surprised to hear that the day included cake! There may have been a waffle with hot cherries in there somewhere too, but I’m not jealous! I think the other humans had Bratwurst and I’m probably a bit more envious of them if I’m honest.

Christmas decorations

They spent a lot of time going ooo and aah at all the Christmas decorations. There was a Christmas tree with crystals on it and all sorts, but the thing they seemed to have spent longest looking at was a singing Christmas Tree. I did feel a little cheated when they explained it to me. I thought they meant the actual tree was doing the singing. It was people all along. They went up inside the tree so they looked a bit like the decorations and then sang. Mum said she had never seen anything like it anywhere ever. Mind you, she said that about last night’s parade too so I think maybe the problem is that she doesn’t get out much.



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