City Girl – Sunday 9th December 2018

City Girl

Today I’ve been a city girl and much as I was worried about it, I was fine. That wasn’t until late in the afternoon. I wanted to go on the Lantern Walk locally, but it was raining a little bit and I was outvoted. We went into Zug and walked round the old town and down by the lake, both of which I liked very much. Then we walked around some of the shopping area, which I liked a lot less. Mum and I stood outside the bookshop while Mum’s friend Sue went and took a shelfie with one of her books which is out in German. I had a good bark at a dog which went past which was almost as exciting, for me anyway,

Christmas Market

The humans went to the local Christmas market which they seem to have really enjoyed. Mum bought a watch and Dad bought a Christmas decoration for the house. Then it was time for me to get to stretch my legs. We went to the bells at Tellsplatte and arrived just in time for Dad to choose the tunes they would play for ten minutes. We were right up close to them so it was very loud. I found some cow poo so I was happy. Mum was a little concerned and said I needed to listen to her when she said I wasn’t to eat it.

Ice Cream

The humans went for ice cream but I was left out again! I know I’m watching my weight but really, how fair is that? Then we walked up to the monument at Morgarten and took a winter version of our summer photo. It was much colder today but still not snowing. In a continuing theme, I found some fox poo so was very happy. Mum says she won’t be kissing me for a few days.



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