Storms – Monday 10th December 2018


We’ve had storms over the weekend, rain and wind rather than snow. They have been bad enough to close some of the Christmas markets which Mum says is very sad. However, she’s been much more worried about the bit of the house that is falling off. It started Saturday morning when a bit up near the roof started flapping. Then at 4am on Sunday morning, there was a big noise and the piece concerned is now only attached by a small length. Given there are several floors between where it was and the ground and it was above Mum’s car, she got up in the middle of the night and went and moved her car. I didn’t like the noise it was making so she let me get into bed with her.


Yesterday the humans went for an Advent Brunch in the local town. They said it was really nice and the local music school were entertaining everyone. I sat in the car and waited for them all as it wasn’t really my thing. I don’t think I’d have been allowed a glass of Prosecco anyway and that would have been mean.

Homeward Bound

Now we have to drive home again and Mum has been wondering how it will all be driving through France. She says it is a good job we weren’t travelling on Saturday as the motorway was closed. We are hoping it will be ok today and tomorrow. I don’t really like it when we end up sitting in traffic.

It’s a shame to be going back to England now as at last there is going to be snow. I would love to stay and play in it. Mum’s said she’s sure there will be plenty for me to stay in the next time I’m here.



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