Snow – Tuesday 11th December 2018


You turn your back for two minutes and there’s snow. Whilst we’ve been here, we’ve checked every day so we could show some snow to Mum’s friend and every day nothing. Then I go out yesterday morning before we set off for home and there is a tiny bit of slushy stuff. Mum checked the web cam as soon as we had our first stop only to find my favourite place in the whole world is now covered in white. There is no webcam where we live so we could only guess what was happening there until we could get an update from dad. Ah well, at least there will be snow when I go back again soon.

Gilets Jaunes

Mum spent ages trying to work out what our best route home would be. She didn’t want to find we were amidst the currentFrench protests. All went well until we were only a couple of miles from our hotel. Then we found they had blockaded one of the main roundabouts and had created bonfires on each corner. They were still building the bonfires but there was no sign of any police or anyone trying to stop them. They were letting a little traffic through from one direction at a time. Mum was worried in case she was made to wait near the bonfire smoke as it would have started her asthma, but we got through after a delay. Now we’re wondering if we’re going to have any more problems today, but hoping we won’t.

Christmas shopping

When we get home I want Mum to help me with some Christmas shopping. I’ve been sleeping in the bed she bought for me and Shadow to have in Switzerland and it is SOOO comfortable. Anyway, I thought maybe Mum could help me to buy one for Alfie for Christmas. I think he’d really like it. Mum says they are quite expensive but I’m sure I have some money in my piggy bank.



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