Pantomime – Wednesday 12th December 2018


You may need to be English to understand pantomime season. Dad used to play the baddy in the pantomime but of course he isn’t here to do that this year. Mum is prompting. She’s never done the prompting role before and doesn’t know how she will get on. She has tried to explain to me what she has to do, but I have to say as a dog none of it really makes much sense to me. It’s about helping the actors to get their lines right. Although, she did explain that sometimes when they get them wrong it’s ok and you can just let the carry on. I don’t really know how she will tell the difference.


When I checked in at Eurotunnel yesterday, the very nice man told me my passport is full and I need a new one. Mum says she will talk to our vet here, but I really want it still to be a Swiss passport as I’m rather proud of my red one. Mum says she can’t really leave it until we are there next time so I may have to have a blue one like the others have. I’m really disappointed about that.


Driving home yesterday was a mix of half the journey in bad fog and half in lovely sunshine. We all preferred the sunshine and I looked out of the window when it was like that. In the fog I couldn’t see very much so I napped through that. I was very happy to get home and have a run round the garden. Now I’m looking forward to the others being back here this morning so we can all catch up. Mum has promised my next trip to Switzerland will definitely involve snow and she says I can take lots of photos for you.

Oh I nearly forgot to tell you the most important news. My sister Valeria is definitely pregnant and her puppies are due in January. My sister Tosca is expecting too, so I’m going to have lots more nieces and nephews which is very exciting.



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