Hearing Test – Sunday 16th December 2018

Hearing Test

Our Mistress is trying to give Alfie a hearing test. He spent yesterday being very confused and at one point our Mistress could not work out whether it was just his dementia or whether his now going deaf. In the past it has been easy to test his hearing with the traditional dog test of ‘shake the box of biscuits’. While one of us is at the bottom of the garden and doing something else, our Mistress stands in the doorway of the back door with the box out of sight and then shakes it. If we come running then there is clearly not a lot wrong with our biscuit hearing.

Anyway, Alfie doesn’t want to go out in the cold, so that trick doesn’t work so well. He goes as far as the grass to go to the toilet but then comes straight back. Now our Mistress is trying to devise an alternative.

Taking Care of Alfie

Alfie and Wilma

Wilma has been doing a good job of taking care of her buddy Alfie. She does like to have chances to be close to him and does check as best she can that he’s ok. She says life really wouldn’t be the same without him around and we certainly all agree with that.


Wilma and our Mistress are getting irrationally excited about there being snow on Wilma’s Mountain in Switzerland. Our Master went to see all the fun and found lots of families out sledging. Our Mistress says they should get a sled, but he said there didn’t seem to me many fifty-year-olds going down the slope. Our Mistress thinks that’s a bit of a shame. Wilma has offered to go down instead, but that sounds like a recipe for disaster.

She may just have to make do with some snow in this country for the time being.

Have a great Sunday


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  1. Hello everyone, thank you for my card. It is lovely to have a letter addressed to me!
    I am still following the diary closely every day and like to hear all your news. My Mum has slipped in the woods and hurt her foot. Because of that all the routine is changed here. She cannot get any boots on so cannot walk far in this weather. Dad is walking me. She is seeing a special lady to make it better but it is not quick enough for me….. or her. Will write again soon, love to you all Dickens XXXXXXX

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