Countdown – Monday 17th December 2018


The countdown to Christmas has begun. My stocking is already hanging up for Santa Paws. Dad will fly home tomorrow andMum says I can wait up to see him. She has said if I’m good I can go to the station with her to pick him up, which I love doing. He will have come from work, so I have to remember that I must under no circumstances jump up. The problem is that I see him and am overwhelmed by excitement and just can’t stop myself.

I’m not dreaming of a white Christmas but I’m definitely dreaming of a white new year. I do hope there will be some snow when I get to Switzerland this time. There was some but I think it’s gone again and the forecast is a bit warmer, so I really don’t know what to expect.


I had a lovely muddy walk yesterday. Mum has been sorting through lots of her winter clothes and finding out what needs throwing out. It’s amazing the things she keeps. She found out why she hadn’t worn her duffel coat for ages when it turned out it had a broken zip. I guess a heavy coat is a bit pointless if you can’t do it up. She really is very bad at throwing things out, so I was helping her. She found a leotard she hasn’t worn for about 25 years, that she was saving in case she ever needed it. Really? At her age! Anyway, it turned out all the elastic had gone so it was pointless her keeping it anyway. I bet it wouldn’t have fitted her in any case.


I need to take up position near the back door to be on paw to help with all the incoming deliveries. It turns out the internet is invaluable for people who would rather spend all their time with their dogs rather than going round shops. Mum says it would be a different matter if she could take me, but most places don’t let me go in.

Have a great Monday



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